Mass Torts & Class Action Defense

Defense of a class action lawsuit can be expensive. Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. has the resources and knowledge to manage both the costs and complexities of class action lawsuit defense. Members of our firm are highly experienced trial attorneys who handle defense of mass torts involving pharmaceuticals, products liability, environmental torts and other areas of law.

Our firm has successfully defended insurance, environmental, employment, and product liability class actions, and has defeated class certification in both insurance and environmental cases.

To arrange your consultation regarding defense of a class action lawsuit, call Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. at 850.434.3541.

Experienced defense in mass torts and class action litigation.

Our attorneys, legal assistants and other support personnel are adept at handling complex areas of law that are subject to class action suits. These areas include the pharmaceutical industry, product liability and environmental matters. Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. takes the time to explain our clients’ rights, analyze the options and devise the most appropriate course of action for the situation. Class action litigation is a highly specialized area of law in which our firm has established itself. We have successfully defended insurance, environmental, employment and product liability class actions. Additionally, we have defeated class certification in both insurance and environmental cases.

Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. identifies the best form of dispute resolution for each client’s specific situation. As experienced trial lawyers, we are confident in our ability at trial and are equally comfortable at the appellate level. Contact us to schedule your consultation.