Pharmaceutical Litigation

Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. is an accomplished pharmaceutical litigation firm in northwest Florida. Our experience includes working with national counsel as well as with in-house counsel of pharmaceutical companies. We have a proven ability to defend pharmaceutical lawsuits on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

To schedule your consultation regarding pharmaceutical litigation, call Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. at 850.434.3541.

Experienced defense in pharmaceutical litigation.

Lawyers of our firm defend clients in pharmaceutical litigation involving various types of claims. Claims can be related to prescription fraud, allegations of dangerous drugs and deaths arising from use of the prescription. In many situations, pharmaceutical litigation can involve insurance coverage disputes and class action suits.

Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. has represented several leading pharmaceutical companies. Clients include Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc., Merck Co., Inc., Premcor, Inc. and Abbott Laboratories.

Handling complex cases with confidence.

Our firm confidently guides pharmaceutical companies through all of the twists and turns of complex investigations and lawsuits. Attorneys of our firm have substantial knowledge of the steps involved in pharmaceutical litigation and the methods for building a strong defense on behalf of the client. We readily handle working with expert witnesses, jury trials and appeals with time-tested techniques regarding discovery, trial strategy, witness preparation and trial preparation.

Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. provides comprehensive defense in pharmaceutical litigation ― from investigations to document review and preparation to class action proceedings for pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers. Contact our firm to arrange your consultation.