Products Liability Defense

Our firm has significant experience defending manufacturers in the ever-changing area of products liability law. Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. has substantial experience in legal issues, evidentiary issues, expert testimony and other factors involved in a products liability case.

To schedule your consultation regarding a products liability suit, call Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. in Pensacola, Florida at 850.434.3541.

Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. provides a strong defense to manufacturers and others facing lawsuits involving design defects, manufacturing defects and other factors attributed to dangerous products. Our lawyers have in-depth understanding of the legal and evidentiary issues involved in products liability claims. We have handled high-profile and complex litigation of tobacco products, airplane manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. We carefully devise the most appropriate course of action for defense based upon the specific industry standards of each case.

Tobacco Litigation

Attorneys of our firm have handled hundreds of cases involving tobacco litigation. Often, plaintiffs are older smokers who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses or family members of people who have passed away. We have represented R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for over twenty years in tobacco litigation.

Aviation Injury Litigation

Our firm has substantial experience representing airline industry businesses. This has allowed us to develop detailed knowledge about the operation of aircraft and the maintenance of aviation facilities, as well as the statutes and administrative regulations that apply to air traffic.

Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. also maintains a successful pharmaceutical litigation practice. Please contact us to discuss your products liability defense case.